The award, 20 years in the making, is tagged AFRICA DIGITAL HEROES AWARD. It is designed to celebrate and recognize individuals, organizations, institutions and initiatives that have advanced the Nigerian/African digital space in the past 20 years and a new initiative that is considered iconic in the ICT ecosystem within this period.

These recognition cut across the academia, governance, innovation, creative industry, and more.

This two-in-one event is organized to celebrate 20 years of ICT broadcasting in Nigeria, pioneered by DIGIVATION NETWORK. In 20 years, INFOTECH NETWORK now DIGIVATION has become Africa’s leading ICT programme reaching over 90 million audiences in Nigeria, UK, US, parts of Africa, Europe and the rest of the world via satellite. DIGIVATION NETWORK is the only ICT programme on TV to have won the prestigious UNECA/AISI award twice for local content and over other 60 international and local awards.

As a frontrunner, INFOTECH NETWORK now DIGIVATION has inspired similar programmes on television within the sub-region.

In the spirit of celebrating 20years of its growth, impact, and broadcasting in Nigeria, we write to officially invite your esteem to grace the AFRICA DIGITAL HEROES AWARD 2019 AS AN AWARDEE AND PARTICIPATE AT THE TWO IN ONE EVENT


    • Best regulator – awarded to a regulatory institution that brought about a change and a shift that leads to industry growth and expansion
    • Industry personality – individual with the most impact in both academia and ICT ecosystem
    • Industry Star- Awarded to the company that has overall defined groundbreaking and innovative technologies that have changed the way consumers interact with businesses to enhance their everyday lives.
    • Humanitarian Award- Awarded to the company that rose above the rest in their industry and effectively impacted their community through the philanthropic and social campaign or initiatives using technology.
    • Disruption Trend – Awarded to the company that best challenged the use of mainstream technology through innovative and interactive elements advancing them past their competitors.
    • Best Mobile Product- Awarded to the qualifying organisation for creating a product that enhances the ability to entertain, communicate, or interact with any mobile device or screen.
    • Games- Awarded to the qualifying company who produces, designs, or distributes casual, multiplayer, original linear narrative, non-linear interactive, or other formats of gaming to include eSports and betting
    • Entertainment Related Marketing Campaign- Awarded to the qualifying company that can best create or deliver brand awareness and/or viral uptake of the message/offer through any multi-platform engagement for entertainment. Ie iroko etc
    • Original entertainment Content- Awarded to the qualifying individual/company for developing the most innovative user-generated or professionally produced entertainment content and enhanced the consumer experience.
    • Best online skit – Awarded to the qualifying company who can best develop content as an extension or companion program/activity to a traditional TV show or series, fiction or non-fiction; or feature film, fiction or non-fiction.
    • Best Payments/ Commerce company – Awarded for the development of a mobile payment /e-commerce solution that allows consumers or retailers to make transactions and pay for purchases.
    • Best data centre- Awarded to the qualifying company that can track, predict, generate, deliver, package or demonstrate a full range of relevant analytics and data.
    • Health, Med and Biotech- Awarded to new technology that improves the quality, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care in health and medicine.
    • Most innovative app – Awarded to the qualifying company that developed intuitive UI (User Interface) for the consumer experience, enabling users to surf, search, discover and engage for business, technology or entertainment.
    • Delivery Platform- Awarded to the qualifying company that has developed or contributed a service, application or technology platform which delivers content and/or services that enhance the consumer experience across multiple screens. Ie DStv and others
    • Live Streaming/ Video- Awarded to the platform, service or function that either produces or delivers content for the top immersive or video experience.
    • Groundbreaking innovation – Awarded to the qualifying company/product that proves to be the most progressive and/or launched the most groundbreaking product or service.
    • Start-Up- Awarded to the qualifying company with less than five years in business that has achieved the most success.
    • Music-Awarded to the device or service that changes and improves the way we listen to, share and enjoy music.
    • Entertainment Apps- Awarded for building or delivering any form of entertainment to include lifestyle, fashion, events, travel, etc
    • Utility or Productivity Apps- Awarded for building or delivering news, weather, alerts, content management, files or other function that enables better interaction with a device, personal data or content.
    • Most groundbreaking music online
    • Most groundbreaking comedy online