About Digivation


The show that reflects the new lifestyle dynamics in todays world across all sectors

In a bid to broaden its horizons, infotech network  establishes its first-ever converged platform that serves as a unifying platform between the media and entertainment as well as technology industries.

As you may know In today’s technologically–driven world, there is an increased media and entertainment consumption pattern, Leveraging on this gap in order to engage more audiences on a more personal and proactive level. This has birthed a need to establish “DigiVation” a  LIFESTYLE show that captures the new realities of tech use, innovation, enterprise  and consumption across all levels.

Digivation seek to create a platform for merging interests in both the media, entertainment and tech innovation using ICT, www.digivation.com.ng

With over 48 awards  local and international, infotech network cum Digivation Network is Africas only ict business and lifestyle platform to have won UNECA/AISI AWARD TWICE for good content and balanced reporting.

Digivation has TV, RADIO, ONLINE and outreach platforms.

·     DIGIVATION TV – covers on a weekly basis business issues, ict and lifestyle.

·     DIGIVATION RADIO. Digital news business and lifestyle delivered with music in a very relaxed manner to give listeners complete infotainment.

·     DIGIVATION OUTREACH. Design to meet with the industries, stakeholders and policy makers face to face through dialogue and exhibition of ideas and innovation.

The Digivation outreach platform. It brings together music, entertainment and technology usage among the upwardly mobile youth which influences their lifestyle. It is a melting pot for culture, music, business and innovation targeted at inspiring creativity and enterprise at all levels. Part of it is the Digivation School Network design to exhibit innovation in Africa’s ivory towers.

Second one is the Digital innovation summit for business and the creative industries.

 The third one is the Africa Digital Agenda for assessing digital issues in Africa with regard to regulation ideas protection policy impact and digital entrepreneurship and projecting into the future. These events are designed for a face to face encounter with the industries across all sectors.

For details and participation please call